The United States Administration has said no to helping Palestine refugees. But we won’t. Help fund UNRWA's work.

With the United States administration's recent decision to cut funding to UNRWA by $300 million (83%), the Agency faces an unprecedented funding crisis and millions of Palestine refugees could lose access to UNRWA services.

It's going to take all of us standing together to fund UNRWA's work so the Agency can continue serving Palestine refugees in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank (including East Jerusalem), Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.

Impact of the funding crisis on the UNRWA Education Programme

See our Back to School campaign for the status of UNRWA schools and how to take action

Here are other key ways to support UNRWA and the Palestine refugees it serves.

    1. Create a personal fundraising page and start mobilizing the people you know to help fund UNRWA.
    2. Connect us with individuals and organizations in your network who may have the means and aptitude to support at a higher levelDuring the 2014 Israeli military assault on Gaza, several mosques, churches, and synagogues generously stepped up to help UNRWA do more through various means.

    3. Host something! Would you be interested in hosting a fundraiser of any size in support of UNRWA? If it’s large-scale, we could send an UNRWA representative to speak at the event.
    4. Support our call to action by sharing our email appeals, graphics, Facebook posts, and tweets (see below) with your friends and family so they can join your efforts in supporting Palestine refugees and UNRWA's critical work.
    5. Tweet at the US Administration to #FundUNRWA. The White House needs to hear from us, and their staff will notice if you tag them. Add the hashtag #FundUNRWA to your post so our team can easily find your tweet(s).

      Here are some sample tweets:
    • In the besieged Gaza Strip, @UNRWA is the largest private employer with a staff of 13,000 individuals and provides services to over 70% of the population. And the @WhiteHouse just cut funding to UNRWA by 83%. unrwausa.org/fund-unrwa #fundUNRWA  (click to tweet)
    • In 1951, girls made up only 26% of @UNRWA students; less than a decade later, UNRWA achieved gender parity in schools. Continue to support gender equity and free education for Palestine refugees: unrwausa.org/fund-unrwa #fundUNRWA (click to tweet
    • .@UNRWA has contributed to massive public health gains since the beginning of its operations in 1950, including achieving an immunization rate of 99% for over 5 million Palestine refugees. And the @WhiteHouse just cut funding to UNRWA by 83%. unrwausa.org/fund-unrwa #fundUNRWA (click to tweet
    • .@UNRWA is one of the largest and most successful school systems in the Middle East, with Palestinians having one of the highest literacy rates in the world at 97%. And the @WhiteHouse just cut funding to UNRWA by 83%. unrwausa.org/fund-unrwa #fundUNRWA (click to tweet
    • In cutting @UNRWA funding by 83%, the @WhiteHouse will cause untold additional trauma to Palestine refugees in Gaza and Syria who depend on life-saving humanitarian assistance through emergency cash, food, and shelter support. unrwausa.org #fundUNRWA (click to tweet)
    • .@UNRWA educates 525,000 Palestine refugee girls and boys in 700 UNRWA schools, including education on human rights, conflict resolution, and tolerance. As an American invested in access to education for all, I implore the @WhiteHouse to #fundUNRWA. unrwausa.org (click to tweet)
    • .@UNRWA operates 140+ health centers and delivers comprehensive primary healthcare services, handling more than 9 million Palestine refugee patient visits per year. As an American interested in human dignity and rights for all I urge the @WhiteHouse to #fundUNRWA. unrwausa.org (click to tweet)
    • .@UNRWA provides cash assistance and shelter rehabilitation to help Palestine refugees meet their basic human needs of food, shelter, and environmental health. I urge the @WhiteHouse to #fundUNRWA because UNRWA's work is essential to stability in the Middle East: unrwausa.org (click to tweet)
    Fund UNRWA

    Post a photo to your favorite social media platform, or better yet, change your profile picture so your friends and family know you proudly stand with Palestine refugees and UNRWA.

    Tag your photo: #FundUNRWA

    Did you attend an UNRWA school, ever work for the Agency, or receive any of its services?

    We want to hear your UNRWA story!

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    Read the statement by UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl - January 16, 2018


    Not for the first time in its proud history, UNRWA faces a formidable challenge in upholding its mandate – an expression of the will of the international community - and preserving key services like education and health care for Palestine refugees. 

    Today, the US government has announced a contribution of $60 million, in support of our efforts to keep our schools open, health clinics running, and emergency food and cash distribution systems functioning for some of the world’s most vulnerable refugees. While important, this funding is dramatically below past levels. The total US contribution in 2017 was above $350 million.

    Read full statement

    UNRWA Student Message to Pope Francis