As of August 31, 2018, the United States administration has decided to cut funding altogether to UNRWA.

The current US Administration has said no to helping Palestine refugees. But we won’t. Help fund UNRWA's work.

With the current US administration's recent decision to cut all funding to UNRWA (more than $300 million) the Agency faces an unprecedented funding crisis and millions of Palestine refugees could lose access to UNRWA services.

It's going to take all of us standing together to fund UNRWA's work so the Agency can continue serving Palestine refugees in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank (including East Jerusalem), Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.

Impact of the funding crisis on UNRWA Programs


Post a photo to your favorite social media platform, or better yet, change your profile photo so your followers know you proudly stand with Palestine refugees and UNRWA.

Tag your photo: #FundUNRWA

Here are other key ways to support UNRWA and the Palestine refugees it serves.

  1. Create a personal fundraising page and start mobilizing the people you know to help fund UNRWA.

  2. Connect us with individuals and organizations in your network who may have the means and aptitude to support at a higher level. During the 2014 Israeli military assault on Gaza, several mosques, churches, and synagogues generously stepped up to help UNRWA do more through various means.

  3. Host something! Would you be interested in hosting a fundraiser of any size in support of UNRWA? If it’s large-scale, we could send an UNRWA representative to speak at the event.

  4. Support our call to action by sharing our email appeals, graphics, Facebook posts, and tweets with your friends and family so they can join your efforts in supporting Palestine refugees and UNRWA's critical work.

  5. Tweet at the US administration to #FundUNRWA. The White House needs to hear from us, and their staff will notice if you tag them.

    Use #FundUNRWA when you tweet so our team can find your tweets.
    Here are samples to guide you

Did you attend an UNRWA school, ever work for the Agency, or receive any of its services?

We want to hear your UNRWA story!

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