WASHINGTON, DC | unrwausa.org | October 7, 2014- UNRWA USA is proud to announce its partnership with the North American Muslim Foundation (NAMF) to provide $18,732.22 USD worth of emergency non-food items to those displaced by the ongoing violence in Gaza. This generous contribution has helped UNRWA to provide over 25,398 units of fresh cheese to hundreds of families displaced throughout the Gaza Strip. 

This summer’s hostilities in Gaza left the people of Gaza facing heartbreaking death, destruction, and displacement. At the height of the crisis, approximately 300,000 innocent civilians were forced to leave their homes and all that they owned, seeking safe shelter in UNRWA schools. As of October 7, UNRWA continues to shelter over 53,000 displaced persons in 18 schools. The Agency is currently providing daily meals as well as essential non-food items including mattresses, blankets, hygiene kits, diapers, and other personal supplies to those sheltered in its facilities. For families who have lost everything, the mattresses provided by NAMF will at least help give them the ability to get a good night’s sleep. 

UNRWA USA and NAMF’s partnership reflects NAMF’s dedication to protecting and assisting the people of Gaza during this devastating time. The needs of displaced Gazans are vast, but with the support of NAMF, UNRWA will continue to provide non-food items to alleviate the immense suffering and help begin the healing and rebuilding process. 

Mr. Farooq M. Khan, the Executive Director of North American Muslim Foundation stated, "The tremendous amount of turmoil and suffering that the people of Gaza endured and continue to face is truly heart-wrenching. With the support of our dedicated community members and donors we have come together with UNRWA USA to provide immediate relief to try and provide a sense of peace to those affected, despite their traumatic surroundings. We will continue to seek out opportunities supporting human dignity and freedom and look forward to working with UNRWA USA towards our shared humanitarian goals” 

UNRWA USA’s Executive Director, Abby Smardon, says “this summer saw unprecedented destruction and suffering for the people of Gaza, but through the support of organizations like the North American Muslim Foundation, UNRWA has been able to address the urgent needs of those who need help most. We are incredibly thankful for NAMF’s support and look forward to continuing our partnership to ensure that Palestine refugees lead lives of dignity and hope.” 

NAMF Mission Statement:

  • NAMF is determined to help children afflicted by a harsh and challenging environment to become positive members of society by providing them with growth opportunities and care.
  • NAMF strongly believes in imparting dignity and respect to the underprivileged by providing opportunities for the acquisition of proper education and professional skills.
  • NAMF is devoted to sound management practices by fully deploying its resources towards its various programs and services and constantly seeking ways to improve the efficiency-level of its operations.
  • NAMF is committed towards formation of partnerships with other community-based organizations, locally and globally, with the aim to foster an environment that generates a just and visionary leadership.