this september, runners and refugees from palestine are relaying 250 miles from nyc to dc to deliver a message that UNRWA needs America’s investment

Humanitarian assistance should never be politicized, but that's what happened when the United States, UNRWA's largest donor for decades, suddenly defunded the Agency in 2018.

Runners and refugees are sending the message to Americans and our representatives that UNRWA should be funded — by the US government and the American people.

Join UNRWA USA for a week of events in September urging our government to put humanitarian assistance ahead of politics and back in line with American values.

Doing so would ensure Palestine refugees, who have nowhere else to turn, have uninterrupted access to education, food assistance, healthcare, and other programs.

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relay run for refugees: September 20-25

This first-ever Relay Run for Refugees, also known as the ‘run of the century’, will begin on Friday, September 20 in NYC at the start of the UN General Assembly and end on Wednesday, September 25 in Washington DC.

The runners will make stops along the East Coast to share stories at community events hosted by like-minded partners and collect support for UNRWA's humanitarian programs and services for Palestine refugees in the Middle East.

This initiative is in partnership with Right to Movement Palestine.

You can meet the squad at each of the following cities for ‘Refugees Reimagined’ — an evening of refugee stories and community conversations:

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advocacy day on capitol hill: september 26

On Thursday, September 26, the relay runners will be joined by UNRWA alumni, people who attended UNRWA schools and now live in the United States, for our first-ever Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill.

This event includes meetings with key lawmakers and their staff to educate them on how UNRWA's work represents a good humanitarian investment that also supports the national security interests of our country.

Contact your member of Congress to let them know you want your tax dollars to fund UNRWA

2019 DC Gaza 5K.png

gaza 5k walk/run in washington dc: september 28

This historic week of actions culminates on Saturday, September 28 for the national Gaza 5K walk/run which is being held at Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC.

This annually held event raises funds for UNRWA mental health services for Palestine refugee children in the Gaza Strip, thanks to supporters from all around the US who step up and take action by fundraising for the cause.

At the Gaza 5K, you will have the exciting opportunity to meet the Right to Movement runners and the UNRWA alumni that have come to DC from far and wide.

Early bird registration is now open and we're hoping to have supporters join us from all around the country.

Meet some of the runners, participants, and partners

meet george

George was born in Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank, where his mother is still an UNRWA employee. After graduating from college in Murfreesboro, North Carolina, George returned to Bethlehem and co-founded the first Right to Movement Palestine Marathon in 2013. He now lives in Los Angeles and is pursuing a master’s degree at USC thanks to his Fulbright fellowship.

Following the US administration’s decision to completely defund UNRWA in August 2018, George capitalized on his love for running to raise awareness and funds to the Agency that has so deeply impacted the lives of people in his family and his broader Palestinian community.

Before being part of the Relay Run for Refugees, read how he ran for the cause at the NYC Marathon >>

meet moh

Mohammed Eid is a 29-year-old Palestine refugee who grew up in Rafah refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. He recently graduated with a master’s degree in Global Studies and International Development through a joint program at the University of North Carolina and Duke University as a Rotary Peace Scholar.

In his time in the US, he’s spoken at many events, including UNRWA USA fundraisers, to share his story, spread knowledge on the current humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, and raise awareness to the role UNRWA plays in the lives of Palestine refugees.

He’ll be sharing his personal story as part of the Relay Run for Refugees.

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