Meet Jaleelah, a Bedouin Palestine refugee living near Jabal al baba. Like many other refugees, Jaleelah faces constant hardships, especially during the harsh winter. ““Our home is made of zinc sheets and the rainwater leaks into our house from all sides. In the winter, my children are usually soaked by the time they get to school because we do not have transportation. We cannot depend on electrical heating because of frequent power cuts. If there is a windstorm or heavy rain, the roof of our house might be blown away.”- Jaleel.

Imagine living under the constant fear that your home could too be ripped away from you at a second. Imagine not knowing when the next time your family will have a meal is. Life as a refugee is not easy, and it is our mission to help the less fortunate. UNRWA has provided assistance to 5 million plus Palestine refugees, but through increased funding we would like to help out the entire refugee population.