3 easy ways to make a big impact on refugees this ramadan

If you already know what action you’d like to take, use the buttons below to get started. Otherwise, keep reading for ways to get involved to help make UNRWA food assistance available to Palestine refugees in the Gaza Strip this Ramadan and beyond.

Donations to UNRWA’s cash and food assistance programs are zakat eligible as certified by the National Zakat Foundation.

see the impact of UNRWA's work in the Gaza Strip

why food assistance is needed in gaza

UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, is currently addressing the needs of more than 80% of the blockaded Gaza Strip’s two million person population. With the US’ abrupt defunding of the Agency in August 2018, UNRWA had to reduce services for refugees in Gaza, including the mental health and cash-for-work programs. Food assistance for refugees is the next program at risk.

Through this Ramadan campaign, UNRWA USA aims to educate Americans on the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza, the impact on Palestine refugees, and raise urgent funds from US supporters to provide food assistance for the more than one million refugees who rely on the international community to provide it.

For every $150 donated this Ramadan, UNRWA can provide a quarterly food basket to a Palestine refugee family of six living in the Gaza Strip.

host a gather for gaza event

One of the most creative ways that supporters of UNRWA USA raise money to support our Ramadan campaign and food assistance for refugees in Gaza is by hosting a Gather for Gaza fundraising event (previously, Iftar for Gaza).

These events come in many forms. You know your guests better than anyone, so consider a gathering they will enjoy most. Some past examples include: a traditional iftar dinner, a vegan potluck, Memorial Day BBQ, birthday parties, wine and cheese gatherings.

Whatever you choose, the purpose of your gathering for Gaza is to connect with your community to educate them on the humanitarian situation facing Palestine refugees in Gaza and generate funds during Ramadan for UNRWA's at-risk food assistance program.

When you sign up and make a minimum $30 donation, we’ll send you a hosting kit, which includes: an invitation graphic, menu cards, signage, informational table displays, conversation cards, and a decorative banner you can hang up at your event!

download a gather for gaza hosting guide

Use this free guide for step-by-step instructions on how to host the most successful Gather for Gaza event you possibly can.

You’ll learn about the cause you’re fundraising for, how to set up a fundraising page, how to get your community excited about your event, and ways to share your impact!

share your #gatherForGaza on social media

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